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Louder Album

This was an album cover that I was commissioned to make on Fiverr. Since the album was called louder I used that as a theme for what I created.  I used a pony head because their name is "MiniPonyca." They also asked me to make an animated album cover, for this part I decided to create something really simple, but still interesting looking.

19 brown.jpg

For the first variation, my client wanted me to vary the design but didn't really have a specific way how. I decided to use a different less abrasive horse head, I also changed up the font, and made the letters less even. On the other one, it was a completely different interpretation of what I've done previously. I went with really loud colors, and I tried to make the word louder to fit into the shape.

MINI PONY FIVER  fiver example-01.jpg

and Process

19 brown.jpg
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