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East Of Eden

This was originally taken from a design brief account on Instagram. The brief was to create branding materials for a perfume brand, with a primary focus on the bottle and the packaging. The logo I decided to go with is inspired by a compass pointing east, but at the same time, if you turn your head, it looks like a flower sprouting from the ground. I didn't want to go with anything too bold for the packaging to reflect the floral tones of the perfume. I was really inspired by other flowery perfumes, like Gucci Flora, using old royalty-free illustrations taken from the British Library. I didn't want to directly copy anything else, so I decided to make the illustration take up more space on the packaging while being a single color. For the bottle, I wanted to go relatively simple, using the logo's darker tones to contrast with the box's primarily lighter tones. I created these mockups in Blender. For the bottle, I started with a pre-made asset, but for the box, I created it completely on my own.

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